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I swear, I'm not dead, just REALLY busy! College life is taking up a lot of time so I haven't been able to update. But I want to mention my new affiliate site by's owner, It's a great site so I urge you to visit it!

New content: Heavenly Designs
HD is my archive of pre-made layouts you can download and use on your webpage. It used to be on my other defunct domain but has transitioned to Moon and Enjoy the layouts!

If you're here, you probably figured out that somebody actually had the nerve to steal my original domain name, Moon and The reason why wasn't up for 3 months was because my registrar was going to charge me too much to keep my domain name so I was relegated to waiting out the period of time it takes for the registrar to release its hold on the domain. During that time, a domain name snatcher took advantage of my lack of financial funds so now I'm forced to reside at a different address.

Moon and will is now back with a different name but is still going to offer the same information and fun stuff as before. I don't know if I have the time to add more to my websites since the school year has started up and I need to bring my grades up. I'll try though! Good luck to everybody else with their new school year.


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